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  • Successful Projects
    are made of experience, approach and leadership

    For over a decade Gibcon have been
    delivering projects successfully

    We help to define the project

    We lead the initiatives and deliver the metrics

    We sustain the change - we make it stick

  • Methodology for success
    We apply practical structured methodologies
    for implementation and governance

    We cover the waterfall as well as agile
    approaches - whatever is appropriate for success

    We utilize electronic and traditional forms
    of communication

  • Balanced Approach
    of methods and tools lays the groundwork
    for continuity and stability in projects

    Resources are best utilized continuously

    A well defined and balanced set of
    metrics and milestones supports this structure
  • Change and Growth
    helps you to reach new levels of productivity

    More efficient processes
    support your strategic goals

    Project coaching is helping
    your key people to grow
    and your venture to prosper

    Smarter processes and systems
    support your financial and market goals
  • Apply Best Practice
    to avoid pitfalls

    With our project tools we help you
    and your people to achieve your goals

    Even in turnaround situations
    we do not decide and act in a rush

    Drawing from our experience
    we set up ERP projects in a way
    to maximize success and minimize risk

  • Health and Fitness
    of your implementation needs to be benchmarked

    We identify room for improvement
    define a way to increase productivity
    and leverage of benefits

    We perform fitness checks of
    your project organization and tools

    We setup initiatives to foster and improve
    your project environment and culture
  • Turnaround
    is based on our broad experience

    Gibcon can help you to turn around
    your stagnating programs and lagging projects

    We help to regain momentum

    Together with your team
    we develop recovery strategies

  • Complexity and Flow
    makes it hard to succeed

    With rigid analysis we define
    the portfolio of solutions

    A structured approach
    shows a way through the complexity
    and points to the solution ahead

  • Take Responsibility
    for your success

    We make your projects our business

    We care about helping you to achieve
    your goals and gain competitive advantage

    We partner with you
    and act as part of you

    We do not turn away
    from difficult, risky and complex problems

  • Solutions
    We bring about solutions by
    structured analysis of the problem.

    A sequence of actions are developed from that

    Our customers resources play a prominent role

    For us a solution is one
    if it includes sustained success and advantage
  • Effective Tools
    Success is made of commitment,
    action and tools

    We utilize a proven set of tools
    to lead and drive projects

    Customer usually adopt
    their best project practice from it

  • Transform Easily
    Change means uncertainty and loss

    Hence change is not widely welcome

    Our tools and methods help
    to involve people and
    mitigate the side effects of change

    With us change is not easy
    but easier

  • We lead and deliver
    Together with you we define
    the business case, it's scope and objectives

    Our joint team delivers
    on time, on scope, on budget

    We help you to sustain the competitive advantage
    and the operational performance sought

We deliver value in high-impact high-recognition (ERP) projects across industries.
We lead implementations end-to-end across technologies, continents and cultures

Global IT and Business Consulting ERP project management

Welcome to Gibcon Global IT and Business Consulting

Welcome to the website of Gibcon Global IT and Business Consulting a top player in the league of international ERP consultancies. We serve top clients on challenging assignments in international high-visibility high-impact projects.
Our engagements and services span from Business Process reengineering and Definition via ERP selection, implementation, roll-in and benchmarking through to program and project management. We usually flank major change initiatives with change management to ensure project success and sustainable change and process innovation.

Project leadership and research

Our project approach and project leadership tools are developed from applying our skills in our challenging ERP projects and improving them through our own research in the areas of Program management Project management Change management and Transition management.




Gibcon in brief

  • Rooting in 1995
  • 2003 Strategic realignment
  • Program / Project management
  • ERP project management
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Project Coaching
  • Project turnaround
  • Change Initiatives
  • Transition management



    • International projects
    Multicultural projects
  • High-visibility high-impact challenges


Research around

  • Project management
  • Change management
  • ERP projects